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Officially launching her music career in the US. Fresh faced international beauty and emerging artist Ivy Layne.

Making a splash in the industry with her debut single “One You Love” and shortly after with the release of her EP titled “In Time.”

Creating a unique pop fusion genre that is all her own, Ivy’s sound combines an infectious Caribbean rhythm and European funk with an undertone heavily influenced by electric dance music that listeners can’t help but move to.

The blonde bombshell was born in Ukraine and moved to France when she was a pre-teen with her mother, father and two brothers. Since the time she could speak, Ivy knew with absolutely certainty that one day she would be a singer.

Ivy draws her unique sounds from all around the globe.

She grew up listening to some of the biggest music icons including Michael Jackson and Prince. Layne was also drawn to off-beat artists who had a unique vibe and sound, like Gwen Stefani. Knowing she needed to experience more of the world, Ivy took a leap of faith and moved to New York City where she was really able to hone her tone and style as an artist.

“In Time” is the product of her heart and soul and the essence of who Ivy Layne is. The EP includes perfect upbeat jams just in time for summer beaches and pool parties as well as rhythmic ballads. With a little something for everyone, 2017 is sure to be Ivy Layne’s year. Ivy Layne is signed to Cape Republic Records.

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One You Love Pt1

A Cape Republic Film Presents One You Love
Starring Ivy Layne Co Starring Alberto Frezza
Directed by Cala3reeze Premierring at

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